What does fintech mean to some of the biggest financial institutions?

As the world becomes more connected, and society adapts to a digital world, the technology industry is giving rise to a tsunami of tech-enabled propositions in financial services.

Some of these players are delivering solutions that will improve the effectiveness of your operations, whilst others are seeking to displace household brands in a consumer’s financial life; all will change the industry as we know it.

GlobalData provides a 360 degree view of the landscape of incumbents, investors, tech vendors and fintechs.

Use our reports to scout effectively, spot opportunities, benchmark competition and enable collaboration.

Discover and evaluate the alternative providers making the most impact with investors and incumbents.

Only a minority of those working for financial services providers believe their organization is adequately prepared to meet the fintech challenge, according to a GlobalData survey on the impact of fintech.

How prepared is your firm to meet the challenges posed by the growing influence of fintech?

Discover GlobalData’s Fintech Ecosystem report series and see how some of the biggest financial companies are using Fintech to their advantage.

Our series of Fintech Ecosystem Reports will help you make better and more informed decisions.

Download the guide to our Fintech Ecosystem report series here.

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