Healthcare Technology

The healthcare industry has been slow to modernise and adopt new technologies as it a complex and highly regulated area. However this is changing as new technologies and companies are set to shake things up. Healthtech will rise to prominence in 2019 as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become a revolutionary force in healthcare. GlobalData’s thematic reports analyse multiple themes and technologies to identify long term winners and losers. Industries do not exist in isolation, companies are impacted by multiple, conflicting themes and to compete you need to understand more – this why we’re here.

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Our thematic reports help you understand a chaotic world.

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Medtech – Thematic Research
Big Data in Healthcare – Thematic Research
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Thematic Research
Healthtech – Thematic Research
Biotechnology – Thematic Research
Robotics in Healthcare – Thematic Research
Cloud Computing in Healthcare – Thematic Research
Cybersecurity in Healthcare – Thematic Research
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