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Artificial Intelligence Report, Healthcare Technology Report

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Thematic Research

AI is the next step following Big Data and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to software-based systems that use data inputs to make decisions on their own. Human interaction is essential for guiding a systems learning process and the expected outcomes, however AI software is capable of learning and evolving to improve independently.

In the healthcare industry, it has the potential to radically change how systems work, interact with and care for patients. Implementation of AI is the next step following big data and analytics system usage to unlock and access extensive amounts of data. AI allows users to access real-time data with little effort and it is this efficiency that’s expected to revolutionise the healthcare industry.

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  • What you need to know...
  • AI is one of the biggest trends expected in 2019 and its use in healthcare will continue to grow rapidly.
  • Companies like Alphabet are placing machine learning at their core and are already “AI-first”.
  • Physicians can make faster and more accurate diagnoses with AI-assisted diagnostic tools and consider more possibilities for treatment.
  • Significant advantages are available for companies invested in clinical trials if advanced AI is used in conjunction with big data.

Which healthcare companies are at the forefront of the market?

Healthcare companies who implement AI are entering a new era of efficiency across a multitude of tasks including drug discovery, clinical trials, robotic surgery, and patient management. This report provides case studies showing how healthcare companies are implementing AI-based solutions for innovation and to fix problems. There are a wealth of AI solutions for healthcare companies aimed at dealing with different business objectives. The key to success for your business is picking the right one!

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