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Biotechnology - Thematic Research

Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning are key drivers in biotech

Biotechnology is using biological and molecular systems to develop products and processes. GlobalData splits the sector into three areas: agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, and medical biotechnology, which includes themes such as biosimilars and the microbiome. This report focuses on medical biotechnology, although we also provide an overview of the players in the industry as a whole.

  • What you need to know...
  • Human genome sequencing has driven advances and investment in biotechnology fields including pharmacogenomics, gene therapy and immuno-oncology.
  • Start-ups in the biotechnology industry are developing new drugs and technologies which may threaten Big Pharma in the long term.
  • Over $9.8bn has been invested in gene therapy research over the past five years although it remains the scope of biotech companies.
  • Clinical trials can be improved at all stages by pharmacogenomics advancement.

Who will win and lose in the long-term?

This report splits analysis on the trends changing medical biotechnology into seven categories: macroeconomic trends, technology trends, immuno-oncology trends, pharmacogenomics trends, biosimilar trends, gene therapy trends, and microbiome trends. Successful companies in the biotech sector will use data tools most efficiently and this report offers the insights, analysis and trends to support you in this.

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