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China is vying for dominance in key future-defining technologies

China’s 14th Five-Year Plan is due to be ratified in the National People’s Congress in March 2021. The country is vying for dominance in disruptive technologies which will shape the future: artificial intelligence, semiconductors, quantum computing, 5G and 6G, space technology, and electric and autonomous vehicles. However, it is facing threats from US tariffs that focus on 5G and, more importantly, semiconductors.

  • What you need to know
  • China’s technological advance has been enabled by two decades of mercantilist policies and high inputs of US intellectual property and technology.
  • China is now putting a multi-year counterstrategy in place to upgrade its digital infrastructure and wean itself, as far and as quickly as possible, off reliance on US software and hardware inputs.
  • Its 14th Five-Year Plan encompasses a $1.4 trillion commitment to support research and development in key enabling technologies.


The Chinese government is determined on becoming technologically independent of the US by 2035.

This is being supported by a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude from the CCP, which is throwing funding and favor at the companies that can drive China forward.

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