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Cybersecurity Report, Healthcare Technology Report

Cybersecurity in Healthcare - Thematic Research

No data is more sensitive than an individual's health.

In a time when technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, global healthcare services are becoming a target for cyberattacks due to the complete digitisation of sensitive data.

With superior integration between services, devices, caregivers and patients, patient-centric care is more efficient than ever before. That being said, this data portability opens up opportunities for data theft and malicious device tampering. With the adoption of emerging technologies to best align with care models such as cloud, mobility and the IoT, healthcare companies are opening themselves up to risks as well as rewards.

GlobalData’s report, Cybersecurity in Healthcare will best-prepare senior executives for the impending threats on their business.

  • What you need to know...
  • With most devices connected to a computer, vulnerabilities become apparent if their operating systems are not up to date, which could lead to disruptive cyberattacks.
  • 51% of businesses could not cope with a data breach. They could not last more than a day if they had no access to their digital data. 25% have said they would not be able to work at all.
  • The 2017 WannaCry cyberattack infected more than 300,000 computers globally, completely taking down entire branches of the NHS. Being well prepared with disaster recovery plans in place is critical, but being able to react quickly is vital.

It is important for the healthcare industry to take greater charge of cybersecurity as an issue.

In 2017, there were 477 healthcare breaches reported to the US Department of Health and Human Services, which is up from 450 in 2016. In 2017, the Cyber Security in Healthcare (CSIH) conference informed that ‘cybersecurity poses one of the biggest operational threats to the NHS in the 21st century.’

While healthcare providers progress towards predictive and prescriptive models to support real-time decision making, their rich data becomes a strategic asset. Taking this into account, they must enhance their security against cyber risks now, by mitigating vulnerabilities.

Read our latest report to understand the significant opportunities this brings to the market for technology vendors.

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