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Cybersecurity Report, Digital Disruption Report

Cybersecurity - Thematic Research

Cybersecurity is mission critical for every business.

35% of companies do not have a single cybersecurity expert, despite an ever increasing attack rate. This is a concerning fact but what is perhaps more concerning is the shortage of experts in the field.

As it stands, there is tremendous demand for security technology and talent, but unfilled cybersecurity jobs have reached 2.9 million worldwide. Salaries for these positions are increasing (by 6% in just one year) to reflect the necessity and growing threat to organisations.

GlobalData’s Cybersecurity report explains how vital it is for companies to adequately protect the data they have collected and stored for their customers, as failing to do so will with no doubt destroy their brand, reputation and quality of products.

  • What you need to know...
  • More than two thirds of businesses believe their network is open to attack from hackers.
  • Rise in spending on cybersecurity tools is continuing and snowballing, making cybersecurity a vital issue for businesses to overcome.
  • Businesses need machines to fight machines: the best way to combat the threat is to fight fire with fire by using an AI defence against an AI cyber threat.

Don't fall into a false sense of confidence - encrypting data is no longer enough.

As a critical business function, cybersecurity development should be high on the radar for every organisation.

With the frequency of cyberattacks increasing exponentially, cybersecurity analysis and assessment is essential for senior executives to have full comprehensive understanding of the inherent risks and implications. There is a false sense of confidence among some businesses with their ability to deal with cyberattacks effectively, but encrypting data is no longer enough to stop the hackers.

With new cybersecurity breaches reported each and every day across the world, it is important to understand the cybersecurity story – how did it get here and where is it going?

The future of cybersecurity and its effect on businesses lies in the hands of the senior executives.

Globaldata’s Cybersecurity report will not only provide insight into these trends, but will also focus on cybersecurity technologies and advances in technologies which are enabling a move towards active detection of threats.

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