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Orthopedic Replacement Report

Elbow Replacement - Market Analysis and Forecast Model

Who is designing the replacements needed tomorrow today?

Technological improvements and patient awareness of the treatment grows, a greater percentage of eligible patients are expected to undergo elbow replacement procedures.

As the aging population worldwide grows, the number of arthritis patients will also increase, contributing largely to the elbow replacement patient pool. These people are driven to surgery by a desire to maintain an active life. How can your business provide the devices they need?

  • Reasons to buy a market model
  • Develop your sales, marketing and licensing strategies after identifying the growing trends shaping and driving the elbow replacement market globally.
  • Utilise annualized elbow replacement market revenue by segment and market outlooks from 2015–2028.
  • GlobalData analysts provide unique country specific insights on the elbow replacement market with global trends further broken down into regional trends.
  • Get the competitive edge when design your in-licensing and out-licensing strategies for elbow replacement marketing – review the products under development and identify the companies poised for market control.

Who is dominating the elbow market today?

Who will be in 5 years?

Continued R&D efforts in the elbow replacement market are expected in response to the challenges physicians find with current elbow implant systems – positioning of the implant is essential for function and survival.

The longevity of novel elbow replacement implants is highly dependent on the presentation of more long-term clinical data to prove their superiority over older elbow implant systems. As more data emerges on existing solutions, GlobalData anticipates a “winner-takes-all” scenario in the market with the company with the best performing implant dominating.

Quickly developing countries such as China and India are growing at high single digits as most of this growth is driven by the aging population and increase of arthritis patients around the world.

Where will your company be in 2025? Use this report to find out.

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