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Free From

“Free from” is a catch-all term that can encompass products free from any specific ingredient, usually those linked to an allergy or intolerance. Gluten and dairy (including lactose) – the focus of this report – are the most mainstream avoidance ingredients within the “free from” space.

There is a trend of the consumer trying to avoid dairy and gluten, not only for medical reasons but because of the claims made that it is better for health to avoid these. This demand for “Free-from” products brings manufacturing challenges, as ingredients such as dairy and gluten in providing particular taste and texture.

  • What you will discover
  • Learn about consumers perception towards ingredients that support “free from” formulations.
  • Overcome the challenge of removing dairy and gluten from products by identifying new and emerging ingredients.
  • Discover how other brands are innovating to address the demand for gluten and dairy free products.
  • See challenges that the industry may face in the future in responding to “free from” demand.

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When analyzing the consumption of gluten and dairy ingredients globally, 38% of consumers in GlobalData’s consumer survey claimed to be trying to either limit their intake of gluten or avoid it entirely. Fewer consumers, around one in five (19%), claimed to be doing the same for dairy. This suggests that innovation holds more potential in the gluten-free space than in dairy-free, given the proportion of consumers likely to be actively seeking out gluten-free products.

This report highlights how food and drink manufacturers can address the demand for products free from either gluten or dairy using on-trend and emerging ingredients.

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