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Soldier Modernization Systems Report

The Global Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Market 2018-2028

Aiding to achieve capabilities such as relatively low-cost enhanced ISR, electronic attack, strike missions, suppression/destruction of enemy air defense, combat search and rescue and more.

Geo-political factors and rise of terrorism in various countries have led to activities such as illegal immigration, drug trafficking, money laundering, weapons smuggling and others across borders.

Governments worldwide are constantly in pursuit to uplift the surveillance and detection of such activities in order to preserve the national integrity, protect citizens and critical infrastructure.

As the land and sea boundaries of any country function as the crucial zones of defense against such activities, investments in technology are constantly surging to equip the responsible forces in gaining better situational awareness and conducting robust countermeasure operations. These factors compel countries to undertake substantial investment programs for modernization and upgrade of their capabilities, thereby fuelling demand for EO/IR systems.

  • What you need to know...
  • Rapid advancement of sensor systems and the growing application of commercial-off-the-shelf technologies are enabling military forces to enhance ISR capabilities on varied platforms, especially for border and maritime security.
  • Night vision technology is being incorporated into military helmets as a vital part of uniform.
  • The need for advanced situational awareness & information dissemination abilities driving development & procurement of several EO/IR based aircraft, rotorcraft, & UAV payload systems.
  • The demand for powerful, lightweight and cost-effective systems, has gained momentum owing to the increasing adoption of UAVs among the armed forces.

This report offers detailed analysis of the global military EO/IR systems market over the next ten years, and provides market size forecasts. Furthermore, it covers key technological and market trends in the industry, and analyzes factors influencing demand for military EO/IR systems segments.

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