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Military Aerospace Report

Global Military Rotorcraft Market 2018-2028

A large number of military helicopters serving most of the countries with major defense outlays have aged considerably and require replacement.

Military Rotorcraft market is expected to exhibit a robust demand due to various factors, chief among which is the need for replacement of aging military helicopter fleet operated by some of the major military powers and the pressing requirement for armies to enhance capabilities pertaining to disaster relief operations. Countries such as the US, Russia, China, and India have initiated major procurement programs to replenish their worn out fleets with new helicopters equipped with latest avionics.

Military Aerospace - Rotorcraft
  • What you need to know...
  • Multi-mission helicopters are extensively used by most of the militaries across the world as they are capable of performing multiple-roles which include surveillance, troop transportation, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), search and rescue (SAR), and aerial reconnaissance.
  • Multi-mission and maritime helicopters can also be equipped with limited combat capabilities.
  • Increase in low intensity conflicts involving asymmetrical warfare is also expected to drive the demand for military helicopters. Helicopters are extremely well suited for roles which need accurate intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities for eliminating challenges posed by fast-moving unconventional and irregular enemy forces.
  • The fleet replacement programs such as the US’ CH-53K Stallion program, India’s Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) program, South Korea’s KAI-Surion program are also expected to see expedited ordering and manufacturing as most of these countries would be looking to replenish their current fleets for creating effective deterrence.
  • The rapid advances in avionics technologies and C4ISR have also prompted nations to invest in development and procurement of new rotorcraft platforms which incorporate state of the art military electronics, avionics, and C4ISR capabilities.
  • To this end the US has been investing on future vertical lift platforms which are anticipated to have optional piloted and autonomous flight capabilities.

This report offers detailed analysis of the Global Military rotorcraft market over the next ten years, and provides market size forecasts. Furthermore, it covers key technological and market trends in the industry, and analyzes factors influencing demand for military rotorcraft. Additionally, the report also highlights challenges faced by industry participants.

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