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Immuno-Oncology Market Report

PharmaFocus: Visual Analysis of Immuno-Oncology Development and Opportunities

Immuno-oncology is uniquely positioned to become the fifth pillar of cancer treatment alongside surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and other targeted treatments.

We want to assist you with navigating the burgeoning amount of information arising as a result of the rapidly growing field of Immuno-Oncology market and clinical research, and this report will help you achieve this. The report consists of a highly-visual slide deck intended to facilitate the distribution of aggregated data and insights from analyses of over 800 I-O products that are either marketed or in Phase I-III of clinical development.


  • Why should you buy this report?
  • Learn all about the key trends in clinical trial development
  • Gain a competitive assessment of Marketed PD-(L)1 checkpoint modulators
  • Find out about the emergence of new immune checkpoint targets
  • Discover clinical and commercial opportunities for highly anticipated CAR cell therapies

PharmaFocus: Visual Analysis of Immuno-Oncology Development and Opportunities

PharmaFocus: Visual Analysis of Immuno-Oncology Development and Opportunities

Our report provides unique, actionable insights applicable to I-O drugs in five major categories: Immune Checkpoint Modulators (Monoclonal Antibodies & Small Molecules), Cellular Immunotherapies (Cytotoxic Cellular Immunotherapies & Call-Based Vaccines), Oncolytic Viruses, Peptide Vaccines, and Bispecific T-Cell Engagers – you won’t find this information elsewhere. GlobalData analyzes over 4,000 clinical trials to generate a truly unique insight. A total of 18 solid tumor types and 8 hematological cancers are covered.

The field of I-O involves development of therapies that can harness the body’s ability to generate and sustain an effective immune response against cancer. GlobalData selected I-O products based on their molecular targets and molecular types. KOLs share their enthusiasm about I-O therapies that have impacted various oncology indications.

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