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Internet of Things Report, Tourism Technology Report

Internet of Things in Tourism - Thematic Research

Imagine if an airplane could detect a fault in an engine mid-flight and radio ahead to order spare parts without any pilot intervention.

The Internet of Things has the potential to radically transform the tourism space. A world where various devices are connected to the internet with a view of automating processes and cutting down the human ‘To Do’ list is naturally very appealing, in addition to results of saving energy and making industrial processes run more efficiently. The potential is vast, and companies have started to understand this.

The common tendancy of customers to bring digital devices with them when travelling can be leveraged by tourism, brands by providing internet access and thus connecting them to hospitality or transport facilities nearby. More and more customers, especially younger, tech-savvy ones, expect to see IoT innovations when flying or visiting a hotel or museum. Therefore, in order to attract customers and keep them satisfied, tourism firms must focus on investing in IoT integration.

GlobalData’s Internet of Things in Tourism – Thematic Research report provides analysis offering a framework in which to look at IoT, summarizes important trends and identifies the key players and early adopters.

  • IOT solutions can hugely improve the tourism sector in various ways such as:
  • Personalizing customers’ experiences
  • Offering location-based interactions and promotions
  • Enabling real-time tracking and monitoring (helping decrease number of lost baggage, for example)
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Automate hotel room features (TV, lights, thermostat, audio, etc.)
  • Differentiate the tourism brand and boost the chances of beating competition
  • Implement predictive maintenance

Having already embraced self-service, the air transport industry is turning to Internet of Things initiatives to enhance air travel experience for passengers.

The world’s 6th busiest airport for international traffic, Changi Airport is opening up the live airport environment to testing new technologies, the Internet of Things being one of those.

Japanese technology firm SoftBank have invested in Handy Japan, a mobile device service provider for hotel guests. Offering information of popular tourist destinations in several languages, internet access and the ability to contact a hotel’s concierge in addition to local and international calls, the technology has been deployed in 1,700 hotels and 240,000 rooms, accounting for 33% of Japan’s hotels.

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