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Robotics in Defense and Homeland Security - Thematic Research

Robotic systems are increasingly quickly being integrated into the force structures of militaries globally.

In today’s world, soldiers now rely on technologies like robotics to save lives. The success of military robotic (unmanned) systems has transformed the battlefield. UXS (Unmanned X Systems, where the ‘X’ can refer to any type of unmanned system, including ground, maritime, and air) are now an essential part of the military arsenal of many countries. They are widely used for reconnaissance and to strike targets in high-risk areas.

Developments in robotics are likely to continue to transform military equipment and strategy, and robotic systems for soldiers are gradually becoming a reality.

  • What you need to know...
  • The use of robotics engineering in a military capacity is well-documented. One of the largest defence technology companies–Lockheed Martin–is one of those leading the line on robotics engineering
  • Regarding robotics engineering, Lockheed Martin has been looking into driverless cars as a potential way to incorporate robotics into weapons development
  • Endevour Robotics set to modernise US Army’s robot platforms fleet

GlobalData’s Robotics in Defense and Homeland Security – Thematic Research report will enable senior executives make better and more informed decisions regarding the disruptive impact which robotics technology is having on the defense and homeland security industry.

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