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Healthcare Technology Report, Robotics Report

Robotics in Healthcare - Thematic Research

Robotics are causing a revolution - whatever you think of them

We have passed a significant inflection point where robotics are not just used in automotive, food and electronics industries, but now have many more functions. However, some people are worried about the impact robotics will have on employment and social structures.

Robotics have been improving clinical outcomes since the 1980s when they were first introduced to the operating room. In the healthcare industry, they can be used for numerous applications including surgery, drug development, mobility and care provision. Many of these applications are an antidote to issues arising from increasing populations globally, particularly the growing elderly population.

  • What you need to know....
  • By 2024 GlobalData expects the global surgical systems market will have grown to approximately $1.9B.
  • Country-wise, China and Japan have the most factors in the global industrial robot demand-supply equation.
  • Patient experience can be improved by the anticipated transition to increasing use of autonomous mobility.
  • The drug-development industry can be streamlined by robotics as they perform the routine tasks that make up a bulk of research work and costs.

Robotics are fixing problems for healthcare companies

The five main types of medical robots explored in our unique thematic report are: exoskeletons, surgical robots, care robots, hospital robots (which are related to logistics robots), and drug development robots.

Use this report to analyse the impact robotics and automation will have on the healthcare industry. Use the case studies included to identify the key applications for your business.

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