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Tourism Technology Report, Virtual & Augmented Reality Report

Virtual & Augmented Reality in Tourism - Thematic Research

Potential for VR to enhance tourist experience is extraordinary.

Virtual reality in the tourism industry will only continue to grow in future as the technology becomes more normalized and more effective at bringing the world closer together.

Significant investments have already been made in the technology by organisations like Thomas Cook, Qantas, and Visit Wales. VR is also used already in a number of major London tourist attractions. Understand its applications and adopt the technology fast to stay ahead of competition.

  • Adopt VR/AR within your business with GlobalData's help...
  • Understand which of your competitors are already adopting VR/AR technology to enhance their business. How are they doing it? And how can you do it better?
  • Identify the leading tourism technology players who are already adopting the technology in order to provide their customers with unique experiences.
  • From the comfort of their own home, tourists can make informed decisions about their potential bookings using VR technology.
  • It’s possible to experience the destination and hotel before the trip!

What does the future hold for VR/AR within the tourism industry?

GlobalData’s report, Virtual & Augmented Reality in Tourism, suggests that virtual reality could become the next big computing platform. It is now a serious investment theme and as the technology takes off, airlines, hotels and travel agencies will benefit hugely.

Tourists often feel they are going in blind when booking trips they have no experience in. Due to AR not being completely immersive, it can aid tourists significantly with trip planning by providing a better sense of what they are about to purchase.

Most people travel to tourist attractions to witness and experience famous places with their own eyes, but as more attractions begin to offer virtual reality experiences, is VR enhancing the tourist experience or detaching us from our surroundings?

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