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Wound Care Devices Report

Wound Closure Devices - Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment

Review and assess the Wound Closure Devices pipeline products

Wound closure devices are used to close wounds that occur due to injuries or surgical procedures. The category includes hemostats, tissue sealants, and wound closure strips, surgical stapling devices, ligating clips, tissue adhesives and surgical adhesion barriers.

GlobalData’s Wound Closure Pipeline Assessment offers invaluable insight you can purchase today.


  • Reasons to buy a pipeline assessment report
  • Review and assess the Wound Closure Devices pipeline products – product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities.
  • Assess key clinical trial data related to ongoing clinical trials such as trial phase, trial status, trial start and end dates, and, the number of trials of the major pipeline products to improve your R&D plans.
  • Design your businesses mergers and acquisitions effectively by identifying who has the most promising Wound Closure Devices pipeline.
  • Use this report to create counter-strategies and gain a competitive advantage through reviewing the recent industry developments.

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Each one of GlobalData’s pipeline assessment reports covers the latest products and clinical trials data. They’re built using information and data from a number of important sources internal and external sources to develop a comprehensive and robust view of the product market.

Use our Wound Closure Devices pipeline assessment report to gain a greater understanding of your industry.

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